Hey everyone! Christmas is almost here so I got a present for you! 



(If it's ''missing'' anything please tell me ^^)

Dreamers Needed

Looking for the dreamers

Searching for believers

Hiring Now

Start a new

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In need of those with imagination, passion, unique insights, a style.

Look, you're perfect for the job.

Yay so I decided to make this site a social media site like all the suggestions said. So there will be lots of new updates. I will be cleaning out the site. Hopefully the old Free Realms stuff can be moved to one folder so that the new ones are open for use. I'm going for an artsy kind of place. Like a real blog XD

This means all the inactives are going to be getting a lot of emails because I will start those soon. 

Anytime we have an update I'll send out an email blast. I want to make this place a little like deviantART in the sense that we will have stamps to use, and groups you can join, and that you can post all types of art! Contests will open too! 

I hope this site can be more appealing. Role Play will still be a thing in case anyone gets bored but as you can see it dies pretty fast. If you want your own folder in the Photo gallery for your own art tell me in the space below. I'm still trying to figure out a way for everyone to have the opportunity to post more than just short status update. Maybe I can some how give everyone their own page? Huh!

Thoughts, Comments? Post below!

Thanks darling!
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